Clones Pop-ups


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Product –“Clones” Pop-ups. Sizes 14mm and 10mm Flavours: Protavit Liver 2 (PL2)/Promatein Shellfish/Fruit & Nut in “Natural” colours. 

The Original Moretakes “Clones” are made with and contain our individual base mixes and combine them with the latest in super buoyant materials to bring you a pop-up for just about every situation you can imagine. Using the identical base mix means that the corresponding pop-ups give off exactly the same stimulating signals and levels of attraction as the rolled bait and this offers clear advantages over other pop-ups. They are not over sprayed with flavours which quickly wash out as many of our competitors products do. Our 14mm pop-ups are air dried and are capable of carrying most 18 mm rolled baits and a size 4 hook, in a traditional snowman rig situation and will still be there twelve hours later! The 10mm version are capable of carrying most 14 mm rolled baits and a size 4 hook, in a traditional snowman rig situation. Promatein Shellfish “Extra” and Fruit & Nut “Extra” are made using more of the matching base mix, so they are virtually identical to the corresponding baits .

£6.49 a tub 

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Weight1 kg

10mm, 14mm


Protavit Liver 2 (PL2), Promatein Shellfish, Fruit & Nut


Natural, Pink, Yellow, Extra