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Product – “Boosters”. Sizes; 30ml £4.50/ 150ml. £12. Flavours: Pineapple extract/ N-Butyric and Parmesan./ Crustacea extract / Scopex Plus

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“The Boosters are made using our pure base food flavour system and include milk proteins, yeasts, vitamin B complexes, pure citrus oil, alpha-linolenic acid, our multi layer sweetener, palatants and attractor systems and cultured aminos to create signals that will send the chemo receptors and the olfactory system of Carp into overdrive. They’re available in the four devastating flavours, Pineapple Extract / N-Butyric and Parmessan / Crustacea extract / Scopex Plus.

They were originally designed to compliment our range of flouro Popups and Wafters but they can also be used to soak any hookbait / paste / stick mix/ particles, pellets/ freebies and will dramatically increase attraction levels in the swim! Pva bag friendly

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Pineapple Extract

A food industry standard Pineapple flavour, not a chemical copy. This has to be the Fruitiest of all fruit flavours and apart from smelling like something you want to eat, it will drive you and the Carp crazy!

N-Butyric and Parmesan

Old school style and extremely pungent! Straight out of Jim Rawcliffe’s recipe book. Protavit Parmesan was devastating when Jim ran Tails Up and for those who used it the memories are long. Now it’s your turn!

Crustacea extract

Yes it’s back. Jim Rawcliffe’s original foul smelling concoction, that caught so many fish in the past, only this time it’s in a soluble form and not set on oil, so you can keep it in the feeding area on the bottom of the lake. The perfect edge.

Scopex Plus

The real “Old School” original with an update! Scopex has been a favourite for a long time but this unique blend of old and new, will surely inspire you to catch more Carp. It has some amazing overtones that you won’t quite be able to put your finger on but we guarantee, you won’t be able to put the bottle down.

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Pineapple extract, N-Butyric Parmesan, Crustacea Extract, Scopex Plus


30ml, 150 ml