Tandoori Salmon Elixir Dip

Tandoori Salmon Elixir Dip
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Captivator Tandoori Salmon Elixir Bait Dip direct from MoreTakes

Size ml:
  • 150ml
  • 300ml
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MoreTakes new Elixir Bait Dip bait enhancement system, designed and put together by Jim Rawcliffe using our exclusive, multi layer flavour blends, proven attractors and clouding technology colouring system. Highly dissolvable for maximum dissipation and immediate leakage, to attract fish and stimulate a feeding response, from all levels. These PVA friendly liquids are perfect for enhancing and improving any bait.

DIP-Tandoori Salmon

Data sheet

Manufactured by
Supplied by
Jim Rawcliffe - MoreTakes
Bait type
Liquid attractor
Tandoori Salmon

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